In the coming months, LMU will migrate its web sites from the Active Content Manager (ACM, or “Ironpoint”) to TerminalFour.

In broad strokes, here’s how to prepare.

  1. Identify your content providers: Before we can migrate a site, we need to know everyone who will require editing rights (and accompanying training) for the new site. Start compiling that list now, so when we schedule your migration we can hit the ground running..
  2. Consolidate your content: We all have a ton of old, outdated and no-longer-needed pages in the CMS. Now is the time to archive those pages you no longer need. Likewise for photos, pdfs and other files in the digital asset manager. A word of warning: Before archiving (that is, deleting) a page, ALWAYS check to see if it has any active children. If so, you’ll need to move those pages to a new location before archiving their parent. Otherwise you’ll be in a world of hurt.
  3. We’ll soon have a training schedule available here. Check back frequently and sign up for a session.

Have a question? Drop us a line!