Happy New Year, Lions! We’re off to a great start in 2012 as we officially begin work on our first site migrations midmonth (if your site is part of this phase, you’ll know). What does this mean exactly? Much of it is very tedious/technical behind-the-scenes things on the part of TerminalFour and us web folks — like setting up detailed project plans, installing/configuring things in the new system, etc. TerminalFour has already provided us a preliminary project plan; we’ll be going through that, condensing it to the key milestones you need to know, and posting it here soon.

“What about training?” you ask. Good question. We’re glad you’re eager to learn the new system because we are, too! TerminalFour recommends training AFTER your site has been migrated, so that you have a fully functional playground in which to experiment and learn. Even we web folks won’t receive formal training  until after our first migration. We think this makes perfect sense because it eliminates the “what if’s” of training when you’re working in a real-life site. Stay tuned for a training timeline.

In the meantime, please continue the clean up on your current sites — it’s a new year, after all, and it’s the perfect time to throw out the clutter and start fresh. If you have any questions, please contact your web manager or submit a question here.