Last week we web folks were lucky enough to have TerminalFour’s head trainer here straight from Dublin to teach us all about the system. The first two days focused on administrator-level tasks, like setting up and managing accounts and building design templates (or “styles” as they’re called in T4 speak). The third day was more of a “train the trainer” format, where we learned the common day-to-day functions that you the user would need to know. The next step for us is to pass that knowledge on to all of you.

Clearly the new system will be a great tool for managing our websites, but there is a bit of a learning curve involved. It’s set up a little differently than our current system and their terms vary a bit from what we’re used to. For example, they call the system Site Manager, not a CMS. A page is called a section, and a child page is called a subsection. But don’t let semantics throw you for a loop: Once you’ve gone through training and gotten familiar with the new terminology, we’re certain you’ll see how cool site manager really is.

But we web folks know that learning a new way of doing things takes time, so we’re hard at work on coming up with a training format that makes the most sense. Our first sessions will be next week. The goal is to introduce you to the system by providing a big-picture overview of how it works, and then showing you the top tricks you’ll need to know to get you started in maintaining your site. More advanced tasks will be taught in future sessions.

Rest assured that you will not be abandoned after your two-hour session. We web managers will hold regular “office hours” throughout the year so that you may drop by with your site manager questions.

Questions about training or anything else? Contact your web manager.