Last week we held our first official TerminalFour Site Manager training with a group of folks from the library. All in all, it went fairly well — aside a slight case of nerves on the part of the web manager conducting the training, which is to be expected when one is teaching a system she has just been trained on herself. But hey, we’re all in this together, people, and that’s part of the fun!

But training this first group was a great help for setting the pace for next upcoming training sessions. We were able to identify areas of the system that we web team people need to explore a bit more so that we can better answer questions that come up in training. For the most part, though, your first training session will be an introductory course: getting familiar with the interface, learning some new terminology, and walking through some basic tasks, as well as understanding this entire CMS replacement project and long-term training plans.

Make sure to see our new Support page on this blog, where you can find links to T4 tips and instructional videos to help get you started, and we’ll be adding for information regularly. We encourage you to read ahead and get as familiar with the system as possible.