If you haven’t heard much out of your web manager lately, it’s probably because he/she is caught up in the migration machine. So far we’ve moved Admission, Library and SFTV, and CFA and CBA are in mid-project, and the enormous Bellarmine site is underway. Trust us, there’s a whole lot of geekery going on down in the web cave.

But in going through training sessions and talking with those of you who have been using Terminal Four for the past month or so, we realize you have questions about how things work or have encountered little quirks in the system (we have, too!) for which you’d like solutions or workarounds. That’s why we’re introducing our Tips & Tricks page, which will serve as a catch-all for such tidbits, as well as some some cool things you didn’t know the system could do.

Our biggest challenge will come late July-August when we begin the process of migrating lmu.edu sites, which is where most of you fit in. We encourage you to continue cleaning up your sites, deleting old assets, etc., so that when your moving date comes, you’re all set. We’ll be reaching out to all of you in the coming weeks to give you a better idea of when you’ll be moved and when to get trained.