There’s been a bit of confusion regarding adding sections, subsections and content. Understandable, given you’re working in an entirely new system with (almost) entirely new terminology. So let’s have a quick review/T4 vocab lesson:

  • In the old CMS, we had “Pages.” In the new CMS, we have “Sections.”
  • In the old CMS, we had had “Child pages.” In the new CMS, we have “Subsections.”

If we look at the example of the Library homepage (open in new window here), we can assume that the items in the navigation, About the Library, Services For, Collections, Research, and Facilities, are all subsections of the Library homepage.

So, if we wanted to add a link to the navigation called “Events,” we’d within the system go to the Library homepage, “Add Section”, and name it “Events.”

You’d use the “Add Content” feature to add text, images, etc. within a Section.

Hope this helps. Also see our video on How to Add Sections and Add Content.