callmuWe think you’ll be pretty jazzed when you see the new calendaring feature we’ve got coming your way. It’s the Localist/T4 Calendar and it’s what all the cool kids are using.

Localist is an expert in calendaring and we’re excited to bring this integrated T4 solution to our new CMS. Unlike the old Active/Ironpoint calendar that had limited functionality, a Localist calendar can do things you’d expect of a calendaring system in 2012. It easily integrates with social media and Google maps, and can be set up with different filters so that users can find events by college, department or event type. Plus it’s just a lot more fun to look at, especially for our students. Some of the universities already using it are Cornell, Georgetown and Johns Hopkins.

We encourage you to visit the Localist site, explore what the system has to offer and check out examples of Localist in action on the university sites they reference. In the meantime, we’re hard at work trying to get this thing implemented and ready for you to use. We expect to have this new calendar plugin ready for CMS users by the end of November. Stay tuned for further announcements.