SiteImprove-admissions2Ever visit a website and find something you really needed only to reach the dreaded “page not found?” Ever find yourself reading a web page and stumbling over typos? We all know the answer and cringe at the idea that it happens on web pages which represent our own departments and the university. Better question: What do you think goes through the minds of prospective students when they’re exploring our website and hit these mistakes and roadblocks? I think we can all agree the answer is not good.

What can we do about it? While it’s true that you can find the occasional human error in the original U.S. Constitution, we’re in a much better position than our founding fathers – we now have tools to make up for our shortcomings. The trick is – it requires commitment and dedication on all of our parts to produce a website that is error-free.

SiteImprove enters the conversation. On June 3, Web, New Media and Design is launching the biggest quality assurance initiative on since, well – ever. This new tool scans all of our websites and provides a dashboard detailing every misspelling and broken link – and that’s just to get started. The best part? This system is very visual and very easy to use – it prioritizes your mistakes and even highlights pages with happy and sad faces.

Ready to dig in? Register to attend our roll-out demo on June 3 and, working together, let’s make these mistakes part of our past. Once you’ve mastered the first few tricks, we’ll show you how this solution will also help you audit your site for 508 accessibility (ADA compliance), SEO (search engine optimization) and traffic analysis. It’s that good.

(Registration is now closed)