Last year we made a big push to get everyone trained on the University Calendar (Localist). While we got many departments up and running, there are still many others who aren’t yet taking advantage of this great tool. Is yours one of them? Let’s change that in 2015! Whether you’re holding one event or hundreds of events a year, it’s still important to publicize each one to maximize attendance.
Looking for answers before getting started? Here are a few questions we’ve recently received from potential users:
Question: “My department doesn’t hold a lot of events. Why should I use the calendar?”
Answer: Even if you hold only one or two events a year, you still can benefit from posting on the University Calendar. Posting your events on Localist is an easy way to publicize any type of event and maximize attendance.
Question: “My area isn’t listed under ‘Departments’ in the University Calendar. Can I use the calendar?”
Answer: Absolutely! We encourage all departments/programs to list their events for the rest of the university to see. To get started contact your digital media manager, who will add your area to the system so that you can begin adding events and tagging them appropriately. If you need training, we can provide that, too.
Question: “Most of my events are intended for a select group of people and I don’t want them to appear publicly. So I can’t use the calendar … right?”
Answer:  Localist allows you to mark events “Hidden”, which comes in handy when you want to communicate event details to a small group invitees. Simply add the event, mark it “Hidden” and send the event page link to the select few. The event will not appear on the public University Calendar.
Have more questions? Contact us!