On the road to its eventual redesign as part of LMU’s overall digital marketing initiative, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts recently worked with our office to rework the college website’s entire information architecture. Gone is the IA conceived eight years ago during the site’s last major overhaul. In its place is an organization that makes the site far more prospect-friendly and usable to current students, faculty and staff. Oh, and along the way we pulled BCLA into a new, horizontal-navigation design that points the way for things to come.

Associate Dean Jennifer Eich led the charge on the BCLA side, and over a five-month period worked to identify both better ways of presenting existing material, and missing content needed by site users. One highlight: A new college-wide events calendar. The overhaul puts BCLA a big step ahead of the game when the time comes to redesign the site as part of the university-wide initiative. Much of the heavy lifting structurally has been accomplished, leaving more time and resources available to focus on the eventual homepage messaging and visuals.

A big round of applause to Eich and the entire BCLA Dean’s Office for a job well-done.

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