LMU and TerminalFour successfully upgraded the SiteManager content management system (CMS) early this morning to version 8.2, the latest and greatest.

Because we were coming from version 7.4, this was a major upgrade and we’re still working with TerminalFour to iron our a couple of performance bugs. We’re aware that in some instances the system feels sluggish. We’re working on that. Also, you may occasionally click a button (for example, to open a big Media Library folder) and it seems like nothing is happening. Give it a bit of time and you should eventually see the folder open as desired. These kinds of issues fall broadly under performance fine-tuning, in which we are actively engaged.

If you encounter something truly awful, preventing you from getting your work done, we want to know about it. Please complete this form and we’ll get on it. Thank you for your patience throughout this process!

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