The Brand Development Initiative’s creative phase is in full swing. Though the creative open forums are over, you can still offer substantive feedback this spring.

An upcoming survey will gather reactions to narratives and visual designs from internal and external audiences. All faculty and staff will receive the survey by email in early April. Watch your inbox, and please plan to take it. The email will come directly from SimpsonScarborough, not LMU. The survey will reach high school students, prospective graduate students, current students, faculty and staff, and a sample of alumni.

All designs tested in the survey are only drafts, and survey responses will inform iterations and, eventually, decisions on the LMU brand creative direction. Broad participation in the survey will ensure that LMU’s future creative direction resonates with our community.

The creative testing survey follows a set of successful Brand Development Open Forums, attended by over 100 faculty and staff. At the forums, the community saw and discussed three creative concepts with distinct narratives and visuals. The survey will test reactions to the same concepts presented at the forums.

Marketing and Communications will begin design iterations after testing is complete.

We welcome your ideas and feedback. Please use our brand feedback form to share your thoughts on the initiative.