Sometimes you need to reorganize web pages. We get it. Occasionally it means moving a page (aka a ‘section’) from one parent to another. But more common is reordering pages so the left-hand navigation, top to bottom, better suits your needs.

This is easily done, but only if you know where to look.

Let’s use the Laband Art Gallery’s website as an example – specifically, the Past Exhibitions section. This is where information about previous exhibitions is stored, and they’re sorted by year.

T4 Reordering Sections 1 - View from before the new section is added

When the child section for the newest year (in this case, 2018) was created, it appeared at the very bottom of this list of child pages.

T4 Reordering Sections 2 - View from after the new section is added

The 2018 section needed to be moved to the top of the child section list to keep the order correct.

Reordering Page Sections

To accomplish this, open the parent of the sections that need to be reordered. In this case, the parent is the “Past Exhibition” page.

T4 Reordering Sections 3 - Parents vs children

Once you’ve opened the parent section, along the top you’ll see the usual “General” and “Content” tabs. To the far right of these tabs will be a “More” tab with a downward arrow next to it. Click this, and select the “Subsections” option in the dropdown menu.

T4 Reordering Sections 4 - Subsections tab location

On the subsections tab you will see a list of all the children of the current page. You may only see 10 total children by default. If you need to see more (like in this example), click the small dropdown menu above the list of children and change it from “Display 10 records” to “Display All records”.

T4 Reordering Sections 5 - Subsections tab and how to display more than 10 child pages

To reorder any of the children, such as moving the 2018 child section to the top of the list, simply click-and-drag the + symbol to the far left of the child section you’d like to move, and drop it into its new position.

T4 Reordering Sections 6 - Reordering the child pages

After you’ve dropped it into place, the child section will flash green to indicate the change has been made. Click “Save changes” at the bottom of the page, and you should be all set!

Common Issue: “Some of the + symbols are missing, so I can’t rearrange children on the Subsections tab!”

There’s an occasional quirk where some of the children on the Subsections tab are missing their + symbols, preventing users from being able to rearrange those child sections. Without getting into the technical reasoning behind why this happens, there’s an easy fix to correct this.

Solution: Above the list of child sections on the Subsections tab, you’ll see an “Enable automatic ordering” option. Simply click this option so that it turns orange with a check mark, and then uncheck it so it goes back to gray with an “X” mark.

Enable Automatic Ordering - Unchecked

Enable Automatic Ordering - Checked

Enable Automatic Ordering - Unchecked

This should cause + symbols to appear next to all child sections where they were missing, allowing you to rearrange them as you normally would.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful! Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.