We’re excited to announce the coming launch of LMU’s new, integrated web search. Starting Wednesday, June 20, searches made on most university sites will simultaneously search web pages, the Employee Directory, academic programs, the university events calendar, and mentions on social media.

So instead of this (click for larger view):

you’ll soon see this:

Don’t worry, the same results you’re used to are all there, in the Website and Directory tabs. But in the All Results tab, and segmented out in the remain tabs is content being fed in from the other sources. You’ll even find a news feed from LMU This Week, to help you keep up to speed on university happenings.

Another new feature of the integrated search is what we’re calling Concierge, a sort of type-ahead functionality, only on steroids. It will present you with our best guess at what you’re looking for, from across multiple sources. Often you won’t need to complete your search to get what you’re after.

As ever, we look forward to your feedback. If you find a bug or have a suggestion, please drop us a line.