Loyola Marymount University

In December 2018, LMU leadership approved a new visual identity, a comprehensive system that reflects LMU’s tradition of academic excellence and our ambitions for a bright and creative future. The new visual identity system is the graphic distillation of the comprehensive university brand initiative.

Now that the proposed visual identity system has been approved, Marketing and Communications has begun building it out and developing graphic standards and guidelines. This will take time as every school, college, department, program, center and university affinity group will be included in the brand architecture. Thousands of individual files will be created to accomplish this effort, and the graphic standards will help us deploy the new system correctly and with consistency.

As the spring semester begins and faculty and staff plan for the year ahead, logo implementation questions have come to the forefront. Below are answers to the most common questions.

When can I use the new logos?

The LMU community can expect to begin using the new marks by the end of March 2019. Though the identity has been approved, the system is not yet built and ready for community use. Once guidelines and standards are finalized, the university-level marks will be made available to all for design, printing and swag projects. All academic and administrative units may request logo signatures for their programs using this request form.

When the new identity system is released, redesigned business cards and the full university business package will be ready to order through Campus Digital Graphics.

The community will see a growing number of new visual identity applications during these transition months, as Marketing and Communications tests the marks and colors on apparel, signage and in limited print and digital media.

I am ordering swag or printed materials soon. Which logo should I use?

Everyone is encouraged to wait until the new logos are released to place new orders for swag or printed materials. If first-quarter orders cannot be avoided, the existing LMU identity should be used, and quantities should reflect a very short shelf life, no longer than May 31, 2019.

May I continue to use my existing supplies of swag and printed materials?

Yes! Spring 2019 is a great time to deplete existing supplies of swag and printed materials, with a goal of fully transitioning to the new identity by June 1. Though the new identity has been approved, units may use current materials this year in the transition period.

There are significant logo changes that will need to be made in my area. How should I begin the process?

LMU convened an Identity Implementation Committee to inventory, assess and prioritize logo transition projects. Representative of all areas of campus, the committee is the first point of contact for all significant projects. More information about the committee can be found here.

We are a big organization with three campuses and our old logos are everywhere. Fully transitioning to the new system will take time and priority will be given to projects that address areas where the university faces external audiences. The Identity Implementation Committee was assembled to ensure LMU addresses change in a coordinated and logical way.

You can help by identifying necessary logo upgrades on our campuses and sharing them with the committee member assigned to your area.

For other questions about the new visual identity, read the Visual Identity FAQs or contact identity@lmu.edu.