Photos of LMU staff, faculty and students wearing new swag

The bold marks and colors of LMU’s new visual identity present opportunities to create compelling new communications of all types, including promotional items for your unit. Use this guide to help apply the new visual identity successfully as you place year-end swag orders.

Choose a licensed vendor.
Licensed vendors have been vetted for quality assurance and for their ability to adhere to LMU’s visual identity standards. Learn more about trademarks and licensing at LMU, or see a list of LMU licensees that are licensed for internal orders.

Use the logo properly.
Avoid these common pitfalls to proper logo use and placement:

  • Do not create your own logo lock-up. Use a university logo for your order, or use a department-level logo that has been created for your area. Marketing and Communications creates all logo lock-ups for units. Request a logo lock-up here.
  • Give ample clear space around the logo. See the visual identity guidelines for information about required clear space around the marks.
  • Do not ask the vendor to recolor the logo for you. Send the vendor the exact logo you want to use.

Get the color right.
Background colors on your promotional items should be LMU colors: LMU Crimson, LMU Blue, or neutrals — white, black or gray. When choosing red or blue items, look for items that are as close a match as possible to LMU’s colors. This is not always easy. A few tips:

  • Ask the vendor to send you a sample of the product before you order. If you have time, this is the safest way to ensure that the item is a good color match.
  • Ask the vendor to point you to products that are close matches to our PMS colors (Red PMS 207, Blue PMS 2185).
  • If you are ordering an item that uses a full-color logo, ask the vendor if they can do color matching on their imprints. PMS color matching is not required, and in fact is not available on many items. But it is recommended when possible.
  • For embroidery orders, Robison-Anton 2507 thread is a good match for LMU Crimson, and Robison-Anton 2529 is a good match for LMU Blue.
  • Read this primer on color in the LMU visual identity.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
LMU Marketing and Communications is here to answer questions or offer guidance on your swag orders. This is new territory for all of us, and MarComm wants to support your successful and consistent use of the visual identity as you roll it out in your area. Talk to the MarComm visual identity representative in your area or email