Our most prevalent uses of the new LMU visual identity, and certainly among the most personal, are the daily-use items that often have our names and departments on them.

While the first and most important is your email signature, the suite of printed pieces — letterhead, envelopes, notepads, buck slips and, of course, business cards — is not far behind. For those critical items, the new LMU stationery suite is now open for business.

The LMU print stationery program takes full advantage of the sophistication and vibrancy of the university’s visual identity. Harnessing the strength of the primary LMU logo lock-up, the vibrancy of the LMU color palette and the clarity of the contemporary Metric primary typeface, the print stationery program makes a bold statement of the LMU brand.

The standard, double-sided business card is $89 for an order of 250 and features the spirit mark on the back. The alternate double-sided design features the mission statement on the back. A third option is a one-side business card with a blank back at $68 for an order of 250. All business cards are vertical. A fully-integrated stationery suite for Athletics departments and programs are available at the same price points.

LMU faculty and staff are encouraged to replace stationery in 2019, but they may choose to use up existing stock and cards prior to ordering new materials. Print stationery can be requested through Campus Digital Graphics via cdgraphics@lmu.edu. Current processing times are 3-4 weeks.

Business card sample