The LMU School of Education launched its annual Impact Report Nov. 14, 2019, a marquee publication primarily targeting U.S. News & World Report voters and other influencers. For years, the SOE Impact Report published as a substantial, award-winning print piece. This year, under the direction of Sheila Rodriguez, communications manager for SOE, the project pivots to a dynamic, multidimensional digital experience utilizing video, animated infographics, and dynamic storytelling to highlight some of the many ways SOE is changing the face of education locally, nationally and globally.

“This new format allows us to turn our report into a marketing tool that leads our communications and marketing strategy throughout the year,” said Rodriguez. “We can also better target our influencers, broaden our reach and engagement, improve our SEO, tell deeper stories with media-rich content, and reduce our environmental impact.”

Under the surface, the Impact Report project is a story of integrated MarComm collaboration. The initiative got underway in July when Rodriguez gathered colleagues from the MarComm Branding and Creative team, to discuss the big picture, goals, objectives, audiences and timelines. Securing client buy-in on the format change, the core team reached out further to engage MarComm experts in Communications Services and Digital Solutions (CSDS) and Photo and Video Services. CSDS brought in a vendor, Readz, which ensured back-end compatibility and tracked compliance standards; Photo and Video produced 10 assets over two days of shooting; Creative produced infographics and helped guide overall art direction; Branding helped synthesize core messaging to university narratives. The resulting Impact Report is a fully-branded, innovative and immersive experience, engaging its audience and firmly establishing the perception that LMU SOE is a leader among peers and making a difference in our world.

The new digital format will allow SOE to track their reach and effectiveness in a much more data-driven way than was possible with print alone. Impact Report stories will be re-edited and repackaged into targeted email and social media initiatives, repeating the report’s messages to audiences for the year.

While the strategy is fully deployed and the data and metrics bake, the response from SOE has been enthusiastic. “Interim Dean Mary McCullough is thrilled with the new format and feels this new presentation is also a reflection of the college, which seeks to be forward-thinking and innovative,” said Rodriguez. “I’m incredibly grateful for the collaboration with my immensely talented MarComm colleagues for helping me bring this new report to life.”