The TerminalFour content management system will be upgraded on June 10. The new version of T4 will bring extra security, speed and functionality, including these enhancements:

  • Media Library Search: You’ll now have the ability to easily search and find files in the Media Library by file name, keyword, description, ID number or media type.
  • Pending items will remain unpublished: A system bug that allowed items marked “pending” to appear on published pages has been fixed.
  • Clickable breadcrumbs in the section editing screen: While editing a section, you can now navigate to a parent section by clicking on the “Currently editing” breadcrumb links, instead of clicking the back button or the T4 logo to get back to the main site structure.

The upgrade will take place during the early morning hours of June 10, before 6 a.m. We recommend users avoid making site updates during that time. Please contact us with any questions.