On Tuesday, July 26, the Marketing and Communications Web Team will be updating the titles and associated text descriptions of most content types in the TerminalFour Content Management System (T4 CMS). The process will begin first thing that morning, and is estimated to be completed by noon. These updates should not interfere with your normal usage of the platform.

Ever since 2015, new and more modern content types have been developed to suit the needs of our community, or to improve upon older content types. As our content type library has grown and evolved, titling conventions have slowly become inconsistent. To correct this, we’ve decided to rework the titles for almost all of our content types to simplify and better align with one another.

In conjunction with these title updates, our team is also in the process of recreating all of the training videos associated with T4. This is not just to incorporate the new content type titles, but also to implement various pieces of feedback to hopefully make for a clearer, all-encompassing virtual training experience. Furthermore, in the weeks following the completion of the revised basic trainings, we’ll be expanding our library of one-off tutorial topics to detail specific content types beyond the basics, as well as address common T4 issues, highlight some tricks of the trade, and more!

Below is a list of new titles for all content types which are being updated. Here’s some context for these changes:

  1. We’ve done our best to remove title elements that are inconsistent or unclear, and we’ve removed the year in which each content type was released. We also spelled out abbreviated words, such as “col” for “column,” to further increase clarity. For example, “2015 General Content – 2-col” will now be “2-Column Content”.
  2. We’ve transitioned from the term “Wrapper”, as some T4 users have understandably been unclear as to its meaning, to the term “Getter”. Additionally, any content type associated with a specific getter will have its title updated accordingly, and will be referred to as a “Block”. For example, “Column Grid” and “SPIF 2019” are now “Column Grid Getter” and “Column Grid Block”.
  3. When a content type is only supported by one page layout, we did our best to include the name of that page layout at the end of the content type’s title.
  4. When multiple content types serve a similar function for different page layouts, we did our best to keep their titling conventions consistent.
Old TitleNew Title
2015 General Content – 2-col2-Column Content
2015 Landing page Get 3-col content3-Column Getter (Department Home)
2015 Event widget4-Column Events Feed (Department Home)
2015 Landing page Get 4-col content4-Column Getter (Department Home)
2015 News widget4-Column News Feed (Department Home)
2015 Social feed4-Column Twitter Feed (Department Home)
2015 General Content Accordion BlockAccordion Block
2020 General Content Accordion WrapperAccordion Getter – Multiple Groups
2015 General Content Accordion WrapperAccordion Getter – Single Group
2015 By the numbers SPIFBy the Numbers Block (Department Home)
By NumbersBy the Numbers Getter (Department Home)
SPIF 2019Column Grid Block
Column GridColumn Grid Getter
2015 CTA ButtonCTA Button
2015 General ContentGeneral Content (Universal)
2015 General content with media captionGeneral Content with Media (Universal)
2015 Feature SPIFGeneral Feature Block (Universal)
2015 Slider SPIFImage Classic Slider Block
2015 Landing page sliderImage Classic Slider Getter
2015 Set inner nav start levelSet Left Navigation Start Level
2015 Universal Social MediaSocial Media Buttons (Universal)
2019 Homepage Hero (NEW)Splash Hero – Full Screen
2015 Landing page splash contentSplash Hero – Full Width
2015 General Content tabbed contentTabbed Content
2015 General Content tableTable
2021 Main NavigationTop Navigation Block
2015 General content feature videoVideo Player (Universal)

If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions, please contact your communications associate or web manager, or submit an inquiry here.

– The Marketing and Communications Web Team