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Web Team Gets Schooled T4 Style

February 15, 2012

Last week we web folks were lucky enough to have TerminalFour’s head trainer here straight from Dublin to teach us all about the system. The first two days focused on administrator-level tasks, like setting up and managing accounts and building design templates (or “styles” as they’re called in T4 speak). The third day was more…

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First Up: Admission

It’s happening, folks! Phase 1 migrations begin next week, starting with the Admission website. Trust us, a lot of work has been done behind the curtain to get things moving, but we’re feeling good about it. We know you have questions about the migration process itself and we’ll be posting some information about that shortly….

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Let’s Get Started!

Happy New Year, Lions! We’re off to a great start in 2012 as we officially begin work on our first site migrations midmonth (if your site is part of this phase, you’ll know). What does this mean exactly? Much of it is very tedious/technical behind-the-scenes things on the part of TerminalFour and us web folks…

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Working Out the Details

A project of this scale requires a great deal of planning. From legalities to logistics, there are many details involved. There are plenty of things we’re still hashing out, but we’ll continue to add helpful information to this site to help you get started your own transition-to-TerminalFour journey. For now, there are some good pieces…

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The Great Migration

In the coming months, LMU will migrate its web sites from the Active Content Manager (ACM, or “Ironpoint”) to TerminalFour. In broad strokes, here’s how to prepare. Identify your content providers: Before we can migrate a site, we need to know everyone who will require editing rights (and accompanying training) for the new site. Start…

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And the winner is … TerminalFour

LMU has chosen TerminalFour to replace Active Content Manager (aka IronPoint) as the university’s enterprise Web content management system. It was a months-long selection process that involved 10 candidate systems, a series of proposals, demonstrations, public input sessions and negotiations. Now the real fun begins. In cooperation with ITS, the LMU Web, New Media &…

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