LMU Marketing and Communications recently surveyed over 700 constituents to gain insight into their social media use, primarily as it relates to engaging with LMU’s primary social media channels. Respondents were sourced – fittingly – from calls to action within social media posts, and incentivized to complete the five-minute survey with a pair of $100 gift cards that were awarded randomly. View in PDF format.

What is your affiliation with LMU?

Which of the following social media content types is most important to you?

Do you like the official LMU…

  • Despite the overwhelming following of the LMU Facebook page, only 23% of respondents see posts from the school daily, suggesting Facebook’s limit on organic reach is very real.
  • 85% of respondents reported that LMU posts to Facebook and Instagram with the proper frequency, but some would like to see more activity on Twitter—only 75% said LMU tweets often enough.

What social media platforms do you use daily?

What types of posts are most important to you?

Would you follow an official LMU Snapchat account?

71% of student respondents indicated they would follow LMU on Snapchat. Based partially on these results, the university joined the app in late August 2016 at snapchat.com/add/loyolamarymount.

Finally, respondents were provided a free-form feedback section. The most frequently used words were:

Produced by LMU Marketing and Communications, November 2016.