Marketing, Communications, and External Relations

We are strategists, storytellers, creatives, and ambassadors who reflect the truth of strength through diversity. We seek to elevate and protect the university’s reputation and transform our brand to support LMU’s vision of forming a new generation of ethical leaders who will identify, analyze, and respond to the most challenging problems facing our rapidly changing global society.

We aim to connect and engage, to inspire pride and loyalty, to tell meaningful and memorable stories, to maximize relationships, to communicate with clarity and integrity, to invite all people to share their culture and to learn from a diverse set of perspectives. As a result, we will amplify the university’s strengths and fulfill its brand promise. We lead the university’s communications, marketing, brand management, and external relations. We are LMU MarComm.

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Internal & External Communications

Discover LMU's new visual identity system, approved in December 2018 and ready for community use by March 2019.

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Get the latest news and press releases covering the LMU community. Open and explore!

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Gain access to thousands of campus photos to use on your communications or website.

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Get information and resources to help you send emails to internal and external audiences.

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