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You want to do wonderful things to promote your organization. LMU Marketing and Communications wants to help. Whether your goal is to improve a department website, promote an event or ensure your marketing materials are error free and accessible, the courses below are a great first step. Once you’ve worked through these online lessons, you can follow up with a MarComm staffer for further training, brainstorming or other help.

Training Series

Website Management - Basics

Learn the basics of TerminalFour, LMU’s primary website content management system (CMS).

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Website Management - Additional Tutorials

Ad hoc tutorials for various features that aren’t covered in the basic training series.

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Email Marketing

Learn the basics of Emma, the university’s official email marketing platform.

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Faculty Profiles

ExpertFile is used to manage LMU faculty profiles.

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Events Calendar

Localist powers LMU’s events calendar, found at cal.lmu.edu.

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Submission Forms

Wufoo is a service used by LMU to create and manage online submission forms.

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Your feedback is important! We aren’t tutorial creators by trade, so please let us know if you have any thoughts, comments, questions, or to let us know that we missed the mark.

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