Temporary banners may be hung from designated locations on the interior of buildings and on some light poles on the Westchester campus. Marketing and Communications (MarComm) must approve the design, location and duration of all banners before ordering.


    1. To hang banners, availability, location and artwork approval must be obtained from MarComm at least three months before the date you would like the banners installed.
    2. Banners may only be installed on poles identified by MarComm. Banners, other than those produced by Registered Student Organizations posted on the outside of the stairwell of Seaver Science Hall, are not permitted to be hung on the exterior of buildings without express written permission from MarComm. On occasion, the university may install banners on the exterior of buildings to promote university-wide initiatives.
    3. For poles on walking paths on campus (e.g. Palm Walk, Alumni Mall), the recommended banner height is 5’ high and can not exceed 6.5’ high. The Maximum width is 3’ and double banners are prohibited.
    4. For poles near student residences and athletic fields, banners can not exceed 5’ high by 3’ wide and double banners are prohibited.
    5. Approved banner installation vendor (AAA Flag & Banner or Gold Metropolitan Media) must be used.
    6. Once the requesting department submits this form and receives initial approval from MarComm, the requesting department is responsible for: (a) Requesting and receiving approval from Event Scheduling, Facilities Management and Public Safety when banners will be installed or taken down on campus. (b) Working with an approved vendor to print, hang and remove banners. (c) Ensuring banner hardware purchased by LMU and not in use is stored in the area designated by LMU Facilities Management.
    7. Banners cannot be hung between light poles, trees or buildings for safety reasons.
    8. No banner hardware or other types of hardware are allowed to be drilled into light poles.
    9. Banners must be removed within two business days of completion of the event or campaign.
    10. If at all possible, Facilities Management will help reinstall fallen banners. If a third party did the install, they will need to return and complete secure reinstallation.
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