As you determine how to best integrate social media into your marketing efforts, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Who is our target audience?
2) What objectives are we trying to achieve?
3) Does creating a new social media account fill an untapped niche on campus, or might it make more sense to align your social media efforts with existing profiles?
4) Which social media platforms are we utilizing and why? Should we limit ourselves to one or two accounts, or does it make sense to have a presence everywhere?
5) How will we build an audience? Is there a budget for social media advertising?
6) How is social media integrated into our strategies with other digital communications channels (web, email, video, etc.), and are there opportunities for cross-promotion?
7) How willing are we to have a public, unfiltered conversation?
8) Does our social media content align with our website and other marketing materials? Fun vs. academic rigor? Community involvement? Our mission and values?
9) Are there any skeletons in our closet that we know social media could uncover?
10) What will we/can we do if someone oversteps their bounds?
11) Who holds the responsibility for monitoring your social media presence?
12) What are the procedures for identifying and communicating questionable posts?
13) What are the guidelines used for determining if a response is warranted, and who will follow up?
14) Are we using data to inform our decisions and/or performance? How do we know if we are successful?

Other Considerations:
Adherence to existing university policies (web and other)
Copyright/Fair Use Policies
Terms of Service Agreements
Graphic Identity Policies
Computer/Internet Usage Policies

Marketing and Communications, January 2017