Interested in creating a new social media channel for your department? All new social accounts that represent LMU departments and units must be approved by Marketing, Communications, and External Relations prior to account creation. Students interested in social media for their organizations should refer to LMU Student Community Standards and other policies pertaining to clubs and organizations.

A new channel is not always the right solution for your marketing challenge. Before applying for a channel, ask yourself: 

  • Social media accounts take consistent work to build an audience, produce content, and moderate comments. Do you have adequate staffing and content to maintain an effective social media presence? Each account requires a primary administrator (faculty/staff, not student) who is responsible for the channel’s strategy, content, and engagement plan. Students may not manage university social media accounts without staff or faculty oversight.
  • Each social media account exposes the university to reputational and legal risk. Do you have staff available for daily account monitoring?
  • New social accounts create internal competition and hinder our collective ability to reach our audience. Could you partner with existing social channels and communication vehicles to share your messages instead of creating a new channel?
  • Is your audience purely internal? Is your goal engagement and connection? Consider a messaging platform or closed group to encourage conversation.
  • The Social Media Strategy Worksheet is a great tool to help discern whether a new channel is necessary to achieve your marketing goals.

New Account Application Process: 

  1. Review LMU policies and guidelines and best practices.
  2. Fill out LMU’s Social Media Strategy Worksheet, in consultation with your supervisor.
  3. Meet with the LMU social team and your area’s MarComm leader to review your proposed strategy. The social team may consult leadership in your area prior to approval.
  4. If approved, create your channels and then register them with the social team. Registration includes sharing contact information and passwords with the LMU social team, for emergency use.

Already have an active account? Register it here.